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Driven by an obsession with audio perfection, Performance Technologies prides itself on providing realistic sound solutions for any space, and purpose. Our team of experienced professional engineers are well versed in the production of live sound as well as a whole range of installations, both temporary and long-term. Made up of musicians, sound engineers and technicians, we know how important sound is to any venue, or space and are committed to a high standard of production on every job.

It is our philosophy that the highest level of sound reinforcement need not be limited to those with limitless budgets. Taking full advantage of the latest advancements in technology, it is our firm belief that any event -no matter what the size or however tight the budget – should have access to complete professionalism and be provided with solutions which work the way you want them to.

Bringing a professional approach to every element of your technical production and using only equipment we know provides the best result, Performance Technologies can help to give your event the edge you are looking for, whether it be lighting, sound or audiovisual content. From pumping club systems to discrete background music, and whatever the business or premises, the one thing which underlines all of our installations and events is outstanding quality; both in the end product and the tailored service you will receive.